Jewellery advice for grooms

Our guide to buying jewellery for your bride-to-be for the big day, by Peta Hunt

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You’ve chosen your dream girl, you cleverly picked a ring (well that might have been a joint effort…)  you’ve found the perfect venue, and to show your love and how clever you are, you want to buy her a gift!


Very dangerous territory!!! Remember this could be setting a precedent for the future, if you look mean – that’s not a good start, if your gift isn’t quite right she could hold this against you later.

But don’t panic – I know that you aren’t supposed to know what’s she’s wearing, which could make things tricky, so if you are going to buy a gift for the big day here are a few simple rules:

Keep it neutral – I don’t care how much of a Goth you are, for one day in your life – no skulls!

Keep it personal – It’s always good if the gift shows that you remembered something sweet you did together, maybe, inside a ring get it engraved with where you met ie Forest Gate 06. If you can afford to, seek out a jewellery designer like Mappin & Webb who offer a bespoke jewellery service – you could create an heirloom for the future maybe using some of both your family’s old or damaged jewellery.

Take advice– Ask her Mum/best friend/sister for help and advice re colours/style if you don’t have a clue.

Don’t bankrupt yourself – Everyone would love a huge diamond but it’s better to have a partner who can concentrate on you rather than him thinking about how he can pay the bank back for the grand gesture he’s just made.


Shiny things always go down well. – Large diamonds/Emeralds/Sapphires are fab but they don’t always have to be real, a good Swarvoski pair of earrings will shine and sparkle, look at www.secrets-shhh.net they use simulated diamonds and real gold to create beautiful jewellery.