Pandora has released a magical Disney jewellery collection and you need it for your wedding

Two of our absolute favourites have joined forces and we couldn't be more excited

If there’s ever a time to embrace the magic of Disney, it’s on the most romantic day of your life – your wedding day!


From Disney themed weddings, to Disney inspired wedding cakes to ceremony readings straight from Disney films there are so many ways to include a sprinkle of the magic in your big day, and now Pandora has made it that bit easier with most sparkling and special collection of jewellery we’ve ever seen.


As with all Pandora products, you start with the classic bracelet and add to it – but even the most simple product has had a Disney twist, with little jewel encrusted Mickey’s embedded into the clasp!


You can then go on to either entirely theme your bracelet around your favourite film, like this Cinderella one, or mix and match charms from different ranges for a truly eclectic bracelet.


If you’re having a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding, this Belle inspired bracelet will be right up your street – we’re completely in love with the glittering gold charms.


Not a fan of blue jewellery, but a complete Cinderella obsessive? This classy take on the iconic fairytale exudes elegance and glamour. It’s a more subtle take on the Disney theme, with the glitter encrusted pumpkin carriage being the only nod to the tale.


Everyone’s favourite teapot Mrs. Potts makes an appearance on the shining, shimmering, splendid Beauty and the Beast bracelet. The bangle itself has hidden charm too; “true beauty is found within” is engraved into it.


If Disney princesses aren’t your thing, this bracelet with Disney faves Minnie and Mickey might be more up your street.

For mega Pandora fans who already have a bracelet and are just looking for a few charms, scroll down to see our favourites.

Belle’s dress is so iconic
If we can’t have this as our wedding dress, we’ll wear it on our wrist
If the shoe fits…
This could be your something blue?
Who hasn’t worn a pair of these at Disneyland?
We do, we do, we do
A little sparkle goes a long way

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