Poundland has released a range of placeholder engagement rings

Grooms on a budget, this one is for you

We’re all for placeholder engagement rings; they’re a genius way to save your partner worrying that they’ll pick an engagement ring that you hate, and it allows you all the fun of choosing your perfect engagement ring, but we’re not sure how we’d feel if our placeholder engagement ring came from Poundland (call us snobby, if you want!)


The high street hero isn’t new to weddings, they released an awesome collection of hen-do accessories a few years back, but they’ve gone a step further now, releasing a range of placeholder engagement rings.

The rings, which have been named the ‘bling ring’, come in a red heart-shaped box (perfect for a Valentine’s Day proposal), with the words: “Because we promise they’ll want to choose their own”, written on it.


Talking to the Press Association, Poundland says the rings allow customers with to propose “before they need to invest in the real rock”.

“These are beautiful placeholder rings because we know they’ll want to buy their own,” a spokesperson says. “We’re looking forward to the Poundland proposal becoming the way it’s done. Our bling ring is setting the scene for the real deal.”

A report launched by jeweller Goldsmiths yesterday supports Poundland’s concept, saying nearly half of UK proposers choosing to pick out a ring with their other half.


How would you feel being proposed to with a piece of plastic from Poundland?