Ring in the changes in platinum

Take wedding ring inspiration from preciousplatinum.co.uk's pick of the most stylish tri-set designs around.

Three’s a charm…

Like birds of a feather platinum tri-sets go together! It really is that simple, and so when it comes to choosing your engagement and wedding bands (for him and you), go for pristine, pure platinum every time. Leading independent jewellery experts, preciousplatinum.co.uk have picked the eleven essential platinum ring designs you should consider when selecting your other life-long companions (the rings!).


Engagement ring with 25ct diamond, £1950 with matching wedding band for him from £2250 and for her from £1200, Prism.




Like peas in a pod, the diamonds within Palmun’s wedding band for him are firmly encased within a platinum shell; proof of platinum’s durability – it doesn’t change shape like other metals and so stones are held firm. The secure claw setting of the engagement ring also holds a round, brilliant diamond which is simply, brilliant.

Engagement ring with a round, brilliant diamond, £5250 with wedding band for him, £1895 and for her, £795, Palmun.


Hans D. Krieger

We’re inspired by romantic nights at the fair with the ferris wheel design of Hans D. Kreiger’s platinum tri-set. Whether he proposed on the London Eye or not, the eternal loop of diamonds on his and her wedding bands and the brilliance of the engagement ring must be the ultimate prize.

Engagement ring with round, brilliant diamond, £10,700 with wedding band for him from £3150 and for her from £2900, Hans D. Krieger.



We’re all at sea for Domino’s fluid, wave-like platinum tri-set – tension set with diamonds for her. Like the undulating ebb of the ocean, this matching set – like the tide – will flow together for years to come.

Engagement ring, £3600; wedding band for him, £4200 and for her, £4650, Domino.


Bien Passionate Jewellery

This inscribed tri-set from Bien Passionate Jewellery is a literary lover’s dream. ‘Amor est vitae essential’ (‘Love is the essence of life’) is stamped in Latin around the matching wedding bands, while the engagement ring has ‘Amor’ lovingly etched into it. Let these heartfelt proclamations be a constant throughout your lives together.

Engagement ring with 50ct diamond, from £3000 with wedding band for him from £1885 and for her from £1345, Bien Passionate Jewellery.



The eyes are known as the windows to the soul, but we reckon Wedfit’s gleaming, bright platinum engagement ring and Devotion wedding rings give those peepers a real run for their money. Platinum’s 95% purity really shines through in the matching bands. What’s more, platinum’s natural white lustre makes that engagement ring diamond shine even brighter. For your eyes only!

Engagement ring with a round brilliant diamond in claws setting from £800 by Wedfit; wedding bands for him and her from £485 (2mm bands) and from £1450 (6mm bands) by Devotion, both available from Hockley Mint at preciousplatinum.co.uk.

Henrich and Denzel

Your relationship will go from strength to strength, so why not begin married life with Henrich and Denzel’s thoroughly modern, brushed platinum rings? The engagement ring and band for her are neatly fitted out with brilliant diamonds, while his band errs on the architectural and industrial side. A terrific tri-set for a terrific couple!

Engagement ring with round, brilliant diamonds in rub over setting, £1880 with wedding band for him, £1510 and for her, £1160, Henrich Denzel.


Wright & Teague

“Starry, starry, night…,” We’re inspired by Don McLean’s famous ode to van Gogh’s romantic star strewn Provence skyline, when we consider Wright & Teague’s twinkling diamond specked platinum wedding bands for him and her, and bright-as-the-moon diamond engagement ring to match.

Delphi engagement ring from £7500 with Knossos wedding band for him from £3250 and Fiesta wedding band for her from £2000, Wright & Teague.


Sarah Jordan

A mini-tiara for your finger is how we’re envisioning Sarah Jordan’s princess-perfect platinum engagement ring with round brilliant diamonds! The matching wedding bands for him and her are just as stately, and given the recently announced royal nuptials (you know who we mean), prove rather fitting too.

Engagement ring with round brilliant diamonds, £1985 and wedding band for him, £1735 and for her, £1235, Sarah Jordan.


Liz Tyler

Like the twirls made during your first dance, Liz Tyler’s swirling platinum engagement ring moves in perfect step with the equally fluid two-tone wedding bands for him and her. We feel a waltz coming on…

Engagement ring with round brilliant diamond, £4195 and wedding band for him, £1800 and for her, £1770, Liz Tyler.


Charles Green

Ever noticed how cats’ eyes shine brighter at night? We think the same applies to Charles Green’s diamond studded tri-set for him and her. The diamonds – encased in secure platinum sockets – positively glisten, day or night. They certainly have our most sincere meow!

Engagement ring, £2995 and wedding band for him, £2650 and for her, £1155, Charles Green.