Use the 7Cs to choose the perfect engagement ring

The all-important guide to choosing and buying the engagement ring of your dreams

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is no mean feat – especially when you’re a poor fella who has (finally) decided to pop the question (seriously, what took you so long?) but is feeling completely overwhelmed by all the different shapes and sizes and settings and OH MY GOODNESS, I CAN’T DO THIS…


Here to make things easier for everyone involved are the lovely folk at 77 Diamonds. Experts on carat, colour, clarity, cut, certification, contour and cost (yep, there are 7 Cs to think about, kids), the team has provided the ultimate handy guide on how to go about buying your diamond. 

And they’ve even put it onto one big pretty picture so your tired eyes don’t have to read any more. See? We’re totally there for you. You’re welcome.


To buy your ring at 77 Diamonds, visit  77diamonds.com