Watch how engagement rings have changed over 100 years

From 1920s art deco rings to solitaires and baguettes in the 80s and 90s, these engagement rings will have you wishing you could have them all!

It’s no secret we’re a bit obsessed with engagement rings here at Y&YW (obviously). From celebrity bling to our very own forum reader’s diamonds, we love nothing more than a bit of hand candy. From sophisticated solitaires to glittering halos and coloured gems, we literally love them all.


Our engagement ring obsession was put into overdrive when we came across this video by Mode. It shows the evolution of engagement rings from the 1910s to present day, and we found it truly mesmerising. We also wondered what we’d need to do to try on all of these precious gems through the ages, like the model in the video…

From art deco styles to classic solitaires and cushion rings, each era had a truly distinctive style. While earlier styles from the ‘30s and ‘40s are big on intricately detailed settings, simplicity was key in the ‘60s and all out bling ruled in the ‘00s and ‘10s. Despite each ring shown being completely unique and different, we’re having a really difficult time choosing our faves and it’s got us wanting to check out the best celebrity engagement rings all over again.

So, whether you’ve got your engagement ring already but fancy having a nose through past trends, or you’re looking for inspiration from vintage brides before choosing your own bridal bling, you’ll love this fascinating video.

Anyone waiting for their partner to pop the question, might want to leave this video playing somewhere where they can see it! We’d recommend leaving screenshots of your fave era’s ring lying around too, you can never be too careful – or subtle!


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