What to do if you don’t like your engagement ring

You've got the dream partner, but they didn't buy you a dream engagement ring... here's what to do next

We know, we know, getting engaged is all about the promise to spend the rest of your lives together, not elaborate proposals or the most expensive engagement ring, but let’s face it, the ring is important. After all, you will (hopefully) be wearing it for many years to come.


So, what do you do if you end up with an engagement ring that you simply do not like? Whether he’s gone for gold and you only ever wear silver or he’s bought you a huge showy diamond and you’re more of a vintage engagement ring kind of girl, it’s a less than ideal situation to have to tell your other half you don’t like the engagement ring he picked out.

We’ve come up with some ideas to make the situation a little less horrible for both you and your fiancé if you find yourself in this unpleasant situation.

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How to say you don’t like your engagement ring

If you’re absolutely certain your rock isn’t the right ring for you, bring it up with your partner in private.

Avoid mentioning you don’t like it in front of friends or family; not only because you may be embarrassing, but also because they may have helped him pick it out – you don’t want to be stuck in a more awkward situation than you’re already in.

Be sure to reiterate just how thrilled you are that the two of you are going to be husband and wife, and praise the positive aspects – you love how he proposed, and the diamond itself is beautiful, but this ring just isn’t quite right for you.

When to say you don’t like your engagement ring

It’s best to tell your partner as soon as possible that you aren’t keen on your engagement ring, rather than letting it fester, or pretending you love it.

Mention that you’re not wild about the ring during a loving time – perhaps after you’ve had a romantic meal together at home, or simply snuggling and watching telly. Make sure not to bring up the issue in the midst of an argument as in the heat of the moment you could end up being more vicious than intended and hurting his feelings.

It’s a sensitive subject so be sure to acknowledge the thought that went into him choosing the ring.

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What to suggest if you want to change your engagement ring

Rather than simply saying you don’t like the ring, offer up solutions for what you could do to remedy the situation; check if the shop the ring came from offers exchanges or refunds, or raise the idea of keeping the diamond itself, but having the ring remodelled into a shape you prefer – oval engagement rings are very on trend this year!

Suggest going shopping for a ring together – it’s a fun experience to do as a couple and will banish any bad feeling about your dislike of the first ring.

When you’re browsing the shops for your new ring, be sure to take your partner’s opinions into consideration – just because the first ring they chose wasn’t up your street doesn’t mean their taste is completely at odds with yours. Make sure they feel included and like they have a say in the ring, it’s them parting with the cash after all.

Avoid embarrassing your partner

We know you’re super excited about announcing your engagement to the world, but if you don’t like your ring, we’d advise holding your horses, especially if you’re hoping to change it.

If everyone saw you were wearing a different engagement ring to the one you initially shared on social media it would raise questions and might end up in you embarrassing your partner by revealing you didn’t like the original choice.

For the meantime, enjoy your happiness in private until you’re ready to show off your ring to your nearest and dearest (and your 400 Facebook friends!)

What if it’s an heirloom?

If the ring your love proposed with is a family heirloom, you need to tread especially carefully. You don’t want to offend your future mother-in-law by admitting you don’t like her great, great grandmother’s ring.

In this situation, rather than saying outright that you don’t like the ring, a little white lie might be in order. Possibly say you’re uncomfortable wearing such a sentimental piece of jewellery for fear of losing it, so perhaps buying a new ring would be better.

If you believe honesty is the best policy, you could admit that while the ring is beautiful, it really isn’t your style, or doesn’t complement the rest of the jewellery you wear on a day-to-day basis.

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Learn to love it

If you’re just too worried about hurting your partner’s feelings, you could keep the ring and learn to love it for what it symbolises and the effort put into choosing it.


Sure, he didn’t pick up your hints about the perfect engagement ring, but he tried his best to choose something he thought you’d love. Some women choose to stop wearing their engagement ring once they’ve got a wedding band on their finger, so let him know this is what you intend, and just keep your engagement ring in a safe place as a reminder of a great period of your lives together.