Which finger is the engagement ring worn on?

Newly engaged? Here’s everything you need to know about which finger to wear your engagement ring on

Whether you’re newly engaged, or your wedding is just round the corner, you could be wondering which finger to wear your engagement ring on, and how to wear it correctly with your wedding ring.


Read on to find out which finger to wear your engagement ring on, whether your engagement ring or wedding ring goes on top, and what to do with your engagement ring on your wedding morning.


Which finger do you wear your wedding ring on?

In the UK, it’s traditional to wear your engagement ring on the third finger on your left hand.

People once believed that this was because there was a vein that ran straight from there to your heart, and so it became tradition to wear your ring on the finger.

Sadly this isn’t the case, but it sounds romantic, so we’re happy to go with that reason.

How do I wear my engagement ring and wedding band together?

Tradition says that your wedding ring goes on the bottom, with your engagement ring on top; again, to keep your wedding ring closest to your heart.

What do I do with my engagement ring on my wedding day?

The tradition of your engagement ring going on top of the wedding rings means that you’ll need to find somewhere safe to keep your engagement ring on your wedding day, so your partner can easily slide your wedding band onto your finger, without having to fumble about taking your engagement ring off first.

Some people choose to wear their engagement ring on their right hand to walk down the aisle before switching it back once the wedding ring is in place, while others entrust the bridal party to look after it until it can be slipped on top of the wedding band safely.

What to do if your wedding and engagement ring don’t sit well together

If you’ve got an unusually shaped engagement ring, a classic wedding ring might not sit with it properly. In this instance it’s common for people to eschew tradition and wear them on different fingers.


Another option is to go for a bespoke wedding ring, designed specifically to sit with your wedding ring.