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Cool hats and fascinators you’ll actually want to wear

Worried you’ll look ridiculous and outdated if you accessorise your dress with a hat or fascinator? Fret not. With our selection of accessories, you’ll be the coolest wedding guest around.

At most traditional English weddings, ladies are encouraged to wear hats (for the mother of the bride, it tends to be expected). And it’s pretty fun, lets be fair – aside from going to the races and attending garden parties, where else do you get to wear one? But if you’ve never worn a hat or fascinator before, it can be quite a daunting prospect. However, there are plenty of stylish options to ensure you attract the right kind of attention – you might want to make a head-turning entrance à la Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral or you may just want to wear something chic and understated to give your outfit a final finishing touch. (P.S. Don’t forget to remove your hat when it’s time to sit down for the main reception dinner!)


It can all depend on whether you’re a day or evening guest, or whether you’re a member of the bridal party. For instance, if the bride’s parents are hosting, noone’s hat should upstage the mother of the bride (same goes if it’s the groom’s parents). And if you happen to be the mother of the bride or groom, make sure you choose a hat that doesn’t completely obscure you like the cap of a mushroom – remember, you’ll want to be visible in all the photos! Plus as ‘the host’ you’ll spend most of the day receiving and talking to guests, so you don’t want to keep craning your neck throughout the day.

If you’re a day guest and it’s a smart church wedding, a fascinator or pill box hat (a small hat with no brim) are good options – or you can opt for something a bit more adventurous and wide-brimmed, as long as it still fits the ‘smart’ category. But if it’s a relaxed casual vibe, e.g. a countryside wedding outdoors, you can go for something more boho like a floppy straw hat. While evening guests can dial up the glamour; a sparkly headband or fascinator should cut a striking figure on the dance floor!

With that in mind, we’ve picked some stunning designs to give you some inspiration on your next hat shopping expedition. Scroll down to see our favourites …

Headband with Statement Bow

Headband with statement bow

Perfect for a touch of understated chic (and ideal if you’re wearing your hair loose and wavy). From a selection at The British Heart Foundation.

Pink Fascinator by Julien Macdonald

Pink Wedding Fascinator

If you’re after a hat that says “look at me” – look no further. £52.50 at Debenhams.

Cocktail Hat With Rose

Cocktail Hat With Rose

A wedding hat can be a great excuse to invest in a treasured keepsake to pass down the generations. £1450 at Jane Taylor.

Floral Headband

Floral headband

A splash of colour is a great way to liven up a more minimalist outfit. £38 at Johnny Loves Rosie

Upturned Brim Hat

Upturned Brim Hat

If traditional brightly coloured wedding hats aren’t your thing, opt for something more neutral yet just as impactful. From a selection at Lock & Co.

Straw Boater With Pompom

Hat with Pompom

Channel some Edwardian chic with your wedding ensemble. “Photographs & Souvenirs”  £495 at Lock & Co.

Red Velvet Crown Headband With Knot

Beverley Edmondsont headband

Be that lady in red. Make sure you have a lipstick to match. £140 at Beverley Edmondson

Multi-Ribbon Headband

Multi ribbon headband

Effortlessly elegant and perfect for a summer wedding. From a selection at The British Heart Foundation.

Sequinned Beanie Hat

Sequinned beanie hat

Re-live the last days of the disco. From a selection at Debenhams.

Vintage Petals Headpiece

Vintage petals headpiece

If you’re a fan of old-school 1920s glamour, you’ll love this style. £94 glitzysecrets.com

Jewel Headpiece

Jewel headpiece

Boho never looked so chic. Wear this with your hair loose, 70s-style. ‘Hera’ £200 at Grace Loves Lace

Silk Bow Fascinator

Silk Bow Fascinator

This jazzy mix of silk and netting makes a perfect addition to an evening outfit. From a selection at Jane Taylor.

Boater Hat With Bow

Wide brim hat with ribbon

Remember the gorgeous hat Julia Roberts wears to the races in Pretty Woman? This is the next best thing. ‘Adrienne by Prudence’ £365 at Lock & Co.

Black Statement Feather Headband

Black Statement Feather Headband

Effortlessly chic yet head-turning for all the right reasons. £60 at Debenhams (from the Star by Julien Macdonald collection).


Whether you’re a guest or a bride – check out these dazzling hair accessories, perfect for the alter.