Break in your wedding shoes

How to break in your bridal shoes

Avoid getting blisters or slipping over in your wedding shoes – it's all in the preparation!

You might love your brand new wedding shoes, but their slippery soles and pinching toes are not good news for brides! Whether your opting for a sparkling pair of stilettos or play your cards more practically in a gorgeous pair of flats, there’s still a risk of your feet getting sore when it’s time for the party to head to the dance floor.  


Your grand entrance in a stunning ballgown to your beautiful castle venue might be a lot less graceful if you’re fearfully clinging onto the bannister – and you really don’t want to make face-planting the dance floor your new signature move. Here’s how to make sure you stay on good terms with your gorgeous new shoes…

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Barefoot bride?

Scuff the soles

Wear down the smoothness on an abrasive surface – gravel, concrete, sandpaper or even a nail file will do the job.

Use hairspray

The stuff that makes your hair less slippery has the same effect on the smooth surface of your soles.

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Wear them with socks around the house

Dig out your thickest, manliest socks from the back of your drawer and wear them with your shoes. It’s especially effective while you’re cleaning, as if you’re moving around you’ll give the shoes chance to mould to your feet. Just remember the odd combination you’ve got on your feet before you leave the house!

Give them a trial run

The first time you wear your wedding shoes should not be your wedding day! It’s a sure recipe for blisters if you haven’t already given your shoes a whirl. Now, we’re not telling you to go for a muddy walk in your pristine white slip-ons, but wear them to an event where they won’t get ruined and your feet will have chance to get used to them.

You also need to check you can walk – especially if you’ve gone for skyscraper heels. You want to be able to move on your wedding day, plus there’s nothing less flattering than having stooped posture thanks to too-high heels.

Prep old shoes, too

If you’ve got a vintage pair, get them re-heeled before the day. Exposed metal on worn-down heels is a slipping hazard waiting to happen.

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Comfort AND style from Kurt Geiger

Some of our favourite shoe brands are thankfully cottoning on to brides shoe trauma’s, with Kurt Geiger’s gorgeous classic Britton style now offering 4mm of padding to soften the balls of your feet, and set in a more relaxed leather to avoid pesky blisters! This pretty pair would look amazing at a cool city wedding, or really show them off and team with a short and sweet wedding gown.

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Our advice? Choose a pair you love and invest a little bit of time with the above tips – you’ll thank us when your feet are still looking and feeling fabulous on the dance floor!