The short wedding veil

How to choose your wedding veil

The ultimate guide for which veil to pick depending on your wedding dress

Your wedding day is most likely your only chance in your life to wear veil, but with so many to choose from, selecting the perfect one to suit your dress can be difficult.


A veil will complement and enhance any style of wedding dress, instantly adding an air of mystery and epitomising the traditional idea of a fairytale bride. But it’s important to remember that some lengths are more flattering to certain dress styles and figures than others.

Scroll down to read about all the different kinds of veil, from short to long, to help you decide which will look best with the wedding dress of your dreams.

Birdcage wedding veil

What is a birdcage veil?

A birdcage veil is a short veil that covers just your face, often attached to a headband or hat. Typically made of netting rather than tulle.

What kind of wedding does a birdcage veil suit? This elegant design works well with a vintage-themed wedding, and won’t overshadow your dress. It’s ideal if you’re keen to wear a veil and you’re wearing a high-necked wedding dress.

SHORT VEILS - Blusher veil

What is a blusher veil?

A blusher veil measures about 20 inches and is traditionally worn over the face and sits just below the chin.

What kind of wedding does a blusher veil suit? We’d rock a blusher veil at a chic city wedding. Check out our edit of cool London venues to inspire your own choice.

The veil

What is a flyaway veil?

A multi-layered veil that just brushes the shoulders and is less formal than other veil styles.


What kind of wedding dress does a flyaway veil suit? Flyaway veils are a perfect worn with dresses with gorgeous back detailing, as it allows you to show off the style.