How to pick your wedding shoes

Top tips for choosing your wedding shoes, courtesy of Jimmy Choo's Creative Director Sandra Choi.

Photo | Jimmy Choo

You’ve got the dream wedding dress, and now you’re starting to think about the dream shoes to go with it. Except you’re not sure where to start.


What colour do you go for? Where do you shop? How high do you go?

Lucky for you, Sandra Choi, Creative Director at Jimmy Choo, answers your burning shoe questions with her expert tips.

1. Should wedding shoes always be from a bridal collection?

Not necessarily, there are no rules any more. If you feel comfortable and like yourself that is the most important thing.

2. Is there a particularly hot bridal shoe trend or style right now?

Personalisation. There is definitely an increased desire for bespoke pieces in the same way you have a dress made for you. Our Made to Order service offers brides the chance to create their dream shoe completing it with monogrammed lettering or date as a lasting memento.


3. Can you wear your bridal shoes post-wedding?

Yes. If you choose a satin style you can have your shoes dyed post-wedding. Most girls love glitter and metallic. If you can make it work with your dress and it fulfils the fantasy then you will definitely be able to wear them again in the future.

4. Comfort can be important – do you have any tips on surviving in bridal shoes?


Practise! Wear your shoes in the house before the big day to get used to them. Don’t put them on for the first time the morning of your wedding. You will be standing for a long time and the last thing you want to distract you is feeling uncomfortable so know what heel height works for you. Also think about the type of wedding you are having, will you be standing for a long period of time, will you need to walk across a grass lawn and will you be dancing ’til dawn?