38 thoughts every bride has during wedding dress shopping

Every bride-to-be views her dress shopping day with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Let us warn you about the many things that will pop through your head as the day goes on...


1.     Today’s the day. Time to calmly go and buy a dress.


2.     Who am I kidding?! This is the ultimate shopping mission! I’m so excited!

3.     Spanx on? Check!

4.     Credit card? Check!

5.     Right, here we go.

6.     Oh my god, so many dresses.

7.     Too much tulle, WAY too much tulle.

8.    “Hi, I’m Casey and I’ll be helping you find your dress today!” – Blimey, Casey seems more excited about this than I am.

9.     “Sheath? Mermaid? Ball gown? A line?” Um, in English, please?

10.  I just want something that’ll make me look like a princess.

11.  “What about this one?” – Oh dear, Mother. I thought I’d specifically said I didn’t want to dress like someone off of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

12. A wedding playsuit? I’m brave when I’ve had a few shots of tequila, but I’m not that brave.

13. Perhaps this cute little number?

14. Ugh, £7,000. Perhaps not.

15. Is light ivory really that different from ivory?

16. Oh. Of course it is. Sorry, Casey.

17. Ooh, I like that one. And that one. And THAT one! I’ve turned into a wedding dress addict! Take them away!

18.  In fact, no, don’t. I want to try these ones on.

19. Hmm, not so sure about this one. Let’s see what Mum thinks.

20. “Oh, it’s…lovely.” Thanks Mum. That’s exactly the enthusiasm I was hoping for.

21. Never mind, back to the changing rooms.

22. Why didn’t I bring snacks? This is exhausting.

23. Dress number two!

24. “Breathe in, girl!” No, Casey, make it stop!

25. I definitely shouldn’t have had that bagel for breakfast.

26. Actually, this looks pretty good.

27. Probably because I’ve been strapped in so tightly I’ve lost about ten stone from my waist. I can’t be dealing with this for a whole day.

28. Let’s try number three. It looks more like my style.

29. Oh my gosh, I love this. I love it I love it I love it!

30. I feel amazing!

31. I can twirl! Mum, watch me twirl!

32. Are those…tears?

33. Okay, now you’ve set me off too.

34. Is this…dare I say it…The One?

35. It is! TAKE MY MONEY!

36. I love this dress so much it hurts.

37. Mission fully accomplished!


38. Now to find the perfect shoes…