Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Jesus Peiro Wedding Dress

We take a look at the intricate process of creating a wedding dress

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent hours scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram and the websites of bridal designers looking at wedding dresses. You may have chosen your dream dress already or have your heart set on a certain style, but it probably doesn’t stop you from poring over the different silhouettes. From princess gowns to sexy fishtail wedding dresses, they all have unique charm and wow-factor that we can’t help but admire.


Despite our enthusiasm for looking at (and touching when we get the chance on shoots!) wedding dresses, we’ve never actually thought about how they’re made. Until now. Your wedding gown will likely be the most expensive dress you’ve ever worn and the price tag totally makes sense when you start to consider what’s involved when bringing it from designer’s sketch to boutique rail.

Wedding gowns are made from some seriously expensive fabrics, think intricate lace and delicate silk, add to that the fact that many are hand-embroidered or embellished and the cost and time involved really does begin to add up.

One bridal house that takes extra care and attention with every dress they produce, is Jesus Peiro. Made in Spain, the dresses are lovingly created and carefully packaged ready to make brides-to-be very happy. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below.

The team at Jesus Peiro take us through their designing and making process and give us sneak peeks into the drawing, pattern cutting and embellishing that goes into their gowns and even shows us how carefully they are wrapped before being transported to bridal boutiques across the world.


We’re also able to see a stunning finished product, which totally has us wanting to hit the bridal boutique and pretend we’re newly engaged all over again! Surely, we can just try one on?