Phillipa Lesley wedding dresses

Bridal designer Phillipa Lepley talks classic trends at the Y&YW party

Editor-at-large Peta Hunt grabs wedding dress designer Phillipa to chat about what modern brides want from their big-day dress

Choosing your wedding dress is probably going to be the second biggest decision you make, after selecting your wedding venue. Many brides have been dreaming of their perfect wedding dress since childhood and so it’s no wonder that it can feel like an overwhelming process.


Wedding dresses are mostly white or ivory, although we are seeing a range of blush and muted shades emerging, but other than that, they can differ enormously. From short styles to full length frocks, and from embellished lace to simple silk, today’s brides are spoilt for choice.

While that’s definitely a good thing, it can be daunting when you first enter a bridal boutique and are confronted with so many different styles. Add to that the thousands of Instagram and Pinterest brides, rocking trend-led looks and you can start to feel a little confused about what it is you want from your wedding dress.

We think it’s all about striking a good balance when it comes to choosing ‘the one’; too trend-led and you can risk looking dated in your photographs in years to come and too classic and you could end up playing it a little too safe.

One wedding dress designer that always seems to perfectly tread the line between contemporary fashion and timeless style is Phillipa Lepley. The British, London-based designer hand crafts her beautiful gowns, with every detail carefully thought out and created in her studio.

For years we have admired her stunning collections and, as we threw our very own industry party, we jumped at the chance to chat to her about dresses, designing and what it is that brides really want from their bridal gowns.

So, before you hit the boutiques, take a moment with a cup of tea to listen to one of the best in the business.


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