Donna Lee Fairytale Collection Wedding Dresses

Are you Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Alice?

Donna Lee Fairytale Collection Wedding Dresses

Find out which fairytale heroine your secret soft-toy stash, mountain of friends or unhealthy shoe habit makes you with Donna Lee’s dreamy Fairytale Collection wedding dresses…


Sweets for my Sweet

If you order the salad and then nick his chips, and you let him wash up when you know it’s your turn, then you’ve got a naughty side that makes you Gretel all over. Show it off in this dramatic wedding dress – in look-at-me purple or all-things-nice ivory – with a full-on fingertip-length veil and wicked pointy-toed heels. And swap the traditional wedding cake for something that’s just so you: a gingerbread house covered in icing and jelly sweets.

Gretel wedding dress, available in purple, ivory and tea rose, by Donna Lee Designs.

All in a Golden Afternoon

You know you’re an Alice if your idea of a girlie afternoon is a cuppa, digestives and a good long chat. Wear this flirty Fifties wedding dress to your tea-party reception with satin kitten heels and a quirky pocket-watch necklace (try Topshop, Accessorize and ASOS) – and forget about the Cheshire cat: one look at you and your groom’s grin will never disappear.

Alice wedding dress, available in ivory, lavender and lime, Donna Lee Designs.

If You Go Down to the Woods Today

If you’ve still got teddies sat on your bed, you’re straight out of The Three Bears – and you’ve probably got the TY beanie favours to prove it. The Goldilocks bridal gown’s wrapover bodice and A-line skirt add hourglass curves, while the sparkling chest detailing will frame and flatter any bust. Just add a teddy-bear charm to your bracelet or necklace to finish the cute, girlie look – and try to resist the urge to serve porridge at your picnic reception…

Goldilocks wedding dress, available in ivory, white and champagne, Donna Lee Designs.

Me and Shoe

Addicted to glass slippers (and platforms, and wedges, and courts…)? You’ve got to be Cinderella. Step out in princess-worthy style at your ballroom-dance reception in this strapless, A-line wedding dress with delicate embroidery. Top it with a beaded lace headpiece or tiara, sweep on soft rose or adventurous plum lipstick, and sneak those all-important Louboutins underneath. Talk about the happiest day of your life!

Cinderella wedding dress, available in purple, ivory and white, Donna Lee Designs.

Roses are Red

From painting the roses red to handing out the croquet mallets, you’re the Queen of Hearts if you’ve got an army of friends helping to make your big day happen. Do your bit in this classic, romantic sweetheart wedding dress – just add a heart-shaped fascinator and Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon slingbacks (cheaper than you think: try ASOS or And don’t forget to thank all those helpful friends and family – how else than with a platter of strawberry tarts?

Queen of Hearts wedding dress, available in ivory and white, Donna Lee Designs.

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Even their prince’s kiss won’t wake Sleeping Beauties on the weekends – and their weddings live up to the good fairies’ three gifts, too. For wit, skip tradition and make your own reception speech; for song, a DJ spinning Rihanna definitely counts; for beauty, it’s all about this dreamy strapless wedding dress – all subtly twinkling bodice detail and elegant pleated skirt. Add a touch of fairy dust with glittering eyeshadow – and look forward to a lie-in the morning after, too…

Sleeping Beauty wedding dress, available in ivory and white, Donna Lee Designs.


Dream On

Now you’ve found the fairytale fantasy for you, why not pick the accessories and reception style details to match – or book in a fitting for that dream wedding dress