How to make a £250 wedding dress look like it costs £2000? Ben de Lisi will tell you…

Catering for the 'sensible bride who doesn't want to spend £5,000 on her wedding dress', Ben de Lisi has created an exclusive, and affordable, range of wedding dresses for Debenhams.

Known for dressing some of the world’s most glamorous women, the super-talented Ben de Lisi is out to prove that you don’t need a bottomless bank account to look amazing on your wedding day. 


The renowned designer has created an exclusive collection of six wedding dresses for Debenhams

From floor-sweeping, sleek column gowns to the fairytale romance of full-skirted tulle styles, the capsule collection has been designed to suit all styes of bride. Especially the more sensible ones who don’t want to spend £5,000 on a dress, he tells us. 

We caught up with Ben to chat about the fab new range (which, we can confirm, is equally as dashing as the man himself)…

“The inspiration behind this new range was to give the consumer an extension of her wardrobe. A lot of younger women are looking for affordable bridal with an understated yet elegant feel.


“The woman that buys one of these dresses wants something that’s not all singing and dancing. The dress has style but it’s effortless, and makes a statement.

“There are a lot of women who think it’s crazy to spend £15,000-£20,000 on a dress. These Ben De Lisi brides are very sensible, and if you look at these dresses you’re not going to think it’s £250.

“If it was in the window of Selfridges, you’d think it was £2,200. The difference is the fabric and it’s not bespoke, but there’s a customer out there who’s more sensible and who will love these.”

So, what are Ben’s top tips for brides currently hunting for a wedding dress?

  1. Dress for yourself – don’t get caught up in the occasion because if you do, you’ll do it wrong.
  2. Make sure you’re recognisable, because if you dress for the occasion and not for yourself, the person marrying you wont recognise you.
  3. Photographs last forever. 

With prices starting from £250, Ben de Lisi’s bridal collection will be available at Debenhams stores from 22 February 2016.