Poppy Dover On The Bridal Trends To Watch For 2017

We sat down with Poppy Dover to discuss her new collection, and what she predicts will be the top bridal trends for 2017.

“The Poppy Dover bride is full of surprises which make her so fun to work with. She is powerful yet appears delicate, cool but natural, beautiful yet unique, and fierce but feminine. My dresses make brides feel feminine, stylish, unique and ultimately 100% themselves.”

Whole Hearted Dress & Love Struck Waterfall Top from Poppy Dover

Poppy Dover is not your standard bridal wear designer, in fact she is anything but.  With a career background in high-end fashion, for 8 years Poppy was a womenswear designer, for brands such as Max Mara and Bamford. Never one to follow a trend, the thought of designing traditional wedding gowns never appealed to Poppy, who preferred to keep things contemporary and original.  Keeping this philosophy close to her heart, today Poppy Dover is revamping the bridal world with a unique take on the wedding dress, which she believes “bridges the gap between fashion and bridal wear.”

Her latest collection, titled ‘love stories,’ is full of 17 beautiful separates, which can be mixed and matched to create over 50 unique looks. Taking inspiration from symbols of love, such as love hearts, arrows and swallows, the pieces combine fun embroidery, with delicate femininity and the finest natural fabrics such as silk satin, chiffon and tulle. “For me, it’s more about being expressive, playful and styling to suit you.”

Romance inspired two pieces from Poppy Dover

So what makes the dresses stand out amongst other contemporary bridal collections? Poppy believes it’s because of the silhouettes and the details in designs. “They’re so different to anything they’ve [the brides] tried on before and you can see it in their faces when they explore the garment in the mirror. You know they’re thinking about love, whether it’s the thought of their partner or the look of themselves or the spirit of the garment, it’s a magical moment when they find ‘that dress’.”

Jumpsuit and jacket separates from Poppy Dover

Discussing the key trends for SS17, Poppy predicts the rise of the ‘romantic bride,’ which sees a more medieval influence, with brocade, flared sleeves, and scalloping capes. With her own collection in mind, she believes there will be a shift in the next few months which sees an increase in bridal suits, like her own jumpsuit and jacket combination, or the skirt and jacket. “It’s my passion to create a wearable wardrobe of separate pieces. I don’t see why bridal wear can’t also be about layering or versatility, in the same way fashion and everyday wear is.”

Full length cutout piece from Poppy Dover

Looking to the future, Poppy is currently collaborating with a fine jewellery designer to create a keepsake bracelet for brides and bridesmaids, as a way of remembering the wedding day. “It’s going to be luxurious, stylish but playful and fun so it can be worn day and night. I can’t bear owning or designing beautiful things that have to be ‘put away for a special occasions’ or can’t be worn again.”


 To view Poppy’s collection, visit www.poppydover.london, or for any other enquiries, email info@poppydover.london