Savannah Miller’s Top Tips For Finding The Dream Wedding Dress

We sat down with Savannah Miller at the launch of her Nine by Savannah Miller bridal collection to discuss all things weddings.

“I want my dresses to make brides feel like the best version of themselves. You don’t want to turn up looking like a stranger, the dress should be reflective of who you are as a person and the day that’s in it.”


Savannah Miller is a woman at the top of her game. Not only has she launched her mainline bridal collection this week, she’s also produced four beautiful (and budget-friendly) gowns as part of her Debenhams range. Part of the exclusive Designers at Debenhams portfolio, Nine by Savannah Miller has gone from strength to strength, extending from womenswear in 2015 into lingerie, accessories, loungewear and now finally bridal. Described by Savannah as “the clothes I want to wear”, she has created chic, affordable pieces for women who “want to look stylish at an affordable price point, then throw it into the washing machine at the end of the day.”

Vintage style dress, Nine by Savannah Miller

The beautiful bridal range is an extension of this. Inspired by vintage photographs, Savannah has designed gowns with a subtle nod to the seventies, incorporating construction techniques such as the handkerchief waist of the above dress that aren’t used as often in modern day design. “I wanted to give a light nod to an era that evokes an aesthetic of a bohemian, relaxed mood.”

But with so many high street stores launching bridalwear this season (Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Lipsy in the next month alone), what is it that makes the Nine by Savannah Miller collection different from the rest? 

“To be totally honest, I haven’t looked at what everyone else is doing. I think when you start looking at others, you become a copycat – it’s inevitable. I spent quite a lot of the early part of my career feeling like I have to please everyone and you can’t.” Instead Savannah advocates speaking from your own voice in order to convey a message of something you truly believe in. “The louder and more clearly I speak in my own voice, the more people will believe it, and I think that goes across the board for everything in life doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter if it’s not right, it’s just really important to be honest. And luckily people do like it, so it’s all good!”

Ivory lace dress, Nine by Savannah Miller

“If I had to choose a favourite then probably this one (above) would be my pick. It’s got all of this deep embroidery which just feels very special and for the price it’s just unbelievable. I’d style it with a big flower crown – I’m all for a big flower crown! Adding accessories is so great because it’s a real opportunity for you to express your own personality.”

Ivory frilled dress, Nine by Savannah Miller

And her most important tips for picking the dream dress?

“Don’t take a hundred people with you, because everyone’s going to have a different opinion. It’s like don’t tell anyone what you’re calling your child until you’ve named them – someone won’t like it! Instead Savannah recommends waiting, making an edit and then inviting your bridal party in for their opinions. “Go with your sister, or your mum, or even by yourself as you then try things that you like – you’re not guided by what other people want.” 


The Nine by Savannah Miller Bridal collection is available to buy instore and online now. Prices start from £320.