The emotional stages of finding the one (wedding dress) in gifs

These hilarious gifs might not prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster that is wedding dress shopping, but they will certainly help.

1. Waking up on the day you go dress shopping


2. Knowing you’re going to nail this whole ‘finding the dress’ thing

3. Meeting up with your crew

4. Walking into the salon and seeing all the dresses

5. Being slightly overwhelmed by the choice of said dresses

6. Trying on lots of styles just for fun

7. Laughing at the slightly less tasteful styles

8. Really getting into the swing of things

9. When a fellow bride-to-be tries to steal your thunder

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11. Your bridesmaids’ reaction when they don’t like the dress

12. The way you feel when you’ve found The One

13. You KNOW you’ve found the one when your friends go like this

14. And when your mum goes like this

15. Twirling just because

16. The never wanting to take it off stage

17. Seriously, you can just wear it around the house, right?

18. When you realise you HAVE to take it off

19. Bidding it goodbye until the next time


All gifs via GIPHY