The Love Actually wedding dress was almost totally different

Keira Knightley was nearly dressed in a rather different wedding dress in Love Actually

We don’t know about you, but we adore Love Actually. So much so that rather than reserve it just for Christmas, we’ve been known to pop it in the DVD player through out the year.


As you know, we also love weddings… and Keira Knightley’s wedding scene in the film is probably our favourite film wedding of all time, but we just learned it could have been very different indeed.

Image | YouTube.com/LyndenDavidHall4ever

According to the Love Actually costume designer, Joanna Johnston, the dress worn by Keira Knightley’s character Juliet (one of our dream film wedding dresses) was intended to be a lot more risque, if director Richard Curtis had had his way.

“Richard Curtis wanted her character to be kind of sexy, even as a bride,” Joanna revealed. “He wanted her to be dressed ready for the end of the scene where they’re partying, so he had this idea of a crop top, with a bare tummy.’

“I went for a sheer, layered style instead with petal details underneath; gauzy and multi-layered,” she continues.

While we all know Keira can pull off a crop top (Bend it Like Beckham, anyone?) we have to say, we’re relieved she ended up in the dress that she did.


Would you dare to wear a two-piece wedding dress? While we do love them, we just can’t picture Keira’s character in anything but the slinky number she ended up in.