Video: 100 years of wedding dresses in three minutes

From 1915 through to the 80s shoulder pads and finishing with the illusion necklines of the Noughties, this video shows how wedding dresses have evolved over the last 100 years - trust us, it's worth a watch.

It’s strange to think that brides have been slipping into white wedding dresses for over 100 years, and the look is showing no signs of disappearing. White and ivory gowns, whether embellished lace or plain silk, rule the bridal world.


While the colour has stayed the same, plenty has changed since back in 1915. Through world war to the swinging sixties and the present day, designs have changed and adapted to suit the needs of the brides shopping for them.

For some a vintage wedding dress is the dream, but other’s dream dresses are very 2019. Even if you’re not craving a vintage gown though, we think you’ll love looking through the ever-changing bridal dress trends.

From the demure early 1900s to the laidback 1970s and chic 2000s, it’s easy to see where the inspiration for modern day gowns has come from. Lace fabric and delicate veils are still as popular now as they were 100 years ago, but thankfully the puff-sleeves and dramatic makeup of the ‘80s seem to have dropped off the radar!

It’s also interesting to track the increasing and decreasing size of bridal bouquets, with ladies back in 1915 opting for huge, statement bouquets with plenty of foliage and 1950s brides rocking their subtle posies.

Headgear also varies massively, from pearl tiaras to floral crowns and side combs, there’s plenty of wedding hair accessory inspiration amongst these locks – not to mention the abundance of pearl necklaces and big earrings!

Steal a few ideas from the generations that have come before you and add some vintage vibes to your look or simply enjoy checking out how the brides of yesteryear rocked wedding day chic.

Happy watching!


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