10 wedding hair mistakes to avoid

From over styling to using hairspray, here are 10 mistakes brides-to-be need to know about.


Wedding dress, check! Accessories, check! Make-up, check. It’s easy to see how wedding hair can be a bit of an afterthought, what with everything else on your to-do list. But it’s important to get it right because you’ll be looking at those pictures for years.


We asked Andrew Jose, Salon Science brand ambassador and award-winning hairdresser, to give us his wedding hair fail safes to make sure you have picture-perfect hair on your big day.

1. Not caring for your hair

In the weeks leading up to your wedding day, keep an eye on your hair’s health as dried out, frizzy hair can ruin your look. Try to avoid heat styling to give hair a break and always incorporate lots of treatments in to your hair care regime.  

2. Not applying hair products properly

Think about your haircare as you would your skincare – start with the foundation of hair and prep accordingly. Don’t just apply a product all over the hair as you would a moisturiser to the face. 

When applying product to the hair, remember less is more. Simply use the smallest amount and gradually build up. Always start from the ends and work upwards. The root area is usually the healthiest so go easy on application. Remember you can add product drop by drop but it is not so easy to reverse the effects of hair product without having to wash it out and start again.

3. Getting a new haircut in the run-up to your big day

Never opt for an extreme haircut in the weeks leading up to your wedding. If you want to try out a new look, do it months before the big day to give you time to get accustomed to the look or grow it out. Don’t forget; you want to look like yourself on your big day.

4. Not using a primer

Try using a priming hold product that will act as a ‘foundation’. The Salon Science Cellumax Volumising Foam (£17.00, Boots) is a light weight, long lasting volumising foam that instantly lifts even fine or fragile hair. For a softer more natural look, apply to towel-dried hair BEFORE styling. 


5. Using hairspray

Always try to avoid too much hairspray as this can lead to hair becoming very stiff and looking blocky. Helmet head is not a great option for your wedding hair, so keep the spray light enough to hold hair in place but don’t go overboard. 

6. Picking a hairstyle that will date

Avoid any overdone ‘tendrils’ where the hair is pulled out at the front. Letting a few pieces fall here and there naturally can keep your look from seeming over-styled, and keep you feeling comfortable but too much and it can look disastrous.

7. Wearing hair too tight

This can be a very unflattering look, not to mention uncomfortable! Harsh scraped back styles draw attention to every angle and every element of the head and face – so soften it up by asking for a softer, looser shape. Too many bobby pins can also lead to headaches which is not ideal for your wedding day.

8. Feeling pressurised into an up-do

If you’re not an ‘up-do’ sort of a girl, then you don’t necessarily have to start on your wedding day. Wear your hair in whatever style makes you feel the most comfortable and confident  –  whether it’s up, a soft loose braid or down with soft waves, go for it. 

9. Back combing hair

Don’t go overboard on the back combing –  root lift is key for wedding styles but too much of a bouffant can look dated.

10. Accessorising too much

Avoid matchy matchy hair accessories and anything too detailed or fussy, it’ll distract from the main attraction: the dress!


Salon Science available Boots. Andrew Jose Salon, 1 Charlotte St, London W1T 1RB.