7 common hair myths debunked

Feeling confused by conflicting recommendations about the best way to care for your crowning glory? We’ve sorted the fact from the fiction, so you can achieve your most beautiful hair ever.


1. THE MYTH: You should wash your hair every day


THE TRUTH: “Washing your hair every day can actually make it dry and speed up colour fade,” advises Martin Quenault, Salon Director of KH Hair Ashby. “Natural sebum build-up on the scalp is good for the hair, so you should only lather up every other day or a couple of times a week”. To help absorb grease and refresh your tresses in between washes, spritz dry shampoo along your hairline and massage it into the roots of your hair before smoothing into your desired style with a natural bristle brush.

2. THE MYTH: Fine hair will always lack volume

THE TRUTH: “Whatever your hair type, you can combat flat hair with a good blow dry and use of the correct products,” Martin insists. “With its bodifying and thickening offerings, Nioxin’s 3D styling range is ideal for giving fine, limp hair a boost”. Formulated with an exclusive polymer complex that thickens the appearance of each strand, Nioxin ProThick Bodifying Foam, £13.59, maximises volume to offer a fuller, more glamorous look. Consider the lightweight styling mousse your secret weapon when it comes to fighting flat hair.


3. THE MYTH: You have one set hair type

THE TRUTH: “Hair can be affected by a range of factors, from the changing seasons to hormones, stress and medication,” comments Kai Wan, International Creative Director of P.Kai Salons. “Just as with skin, which can be oily and dry in different areas, hair can be a combination of types”. Following the discovery that your hair energy profile is as unique as your fingerprint, System Professional has developed an exclusive diagnostic EnergyCode™ Speed Mapping tool to help you identify and address your specific hair needs. Available in salon and online, the unique service prescribes a completely bespoke and truly effective regimen of care and styling products specifically tailored to meet the individual requirements of your tresses.

4. THE MYTH: Hair doesn’t require SPF protection

THE TRUTH: “Most people recognise the importance of an SPF for their skin, but your hair really is just as important,” says Zullo and Holland’s Creative Director Angelo Vallillo. “Although your scalp is the most exposed area, your hair will also burn without SPF protection – that’s why colour fades and hair feels dry after you’ve been in the sun”. Applying suntan lotion to your scalp when temperatures rise equals greasy roots, but a proper SPF haircare product will offer protection against UV radiation without weighing hair down. Perfect for holidays, System Professional Solar Sun Oil, £32.65, shields hair from sun damage and deeply nourishes simultaneously.


5. THE MYTH: Oils are a no-go for greasy hair

THE TRUTH: Grease-prone tresses can reap the nourishing and smoothening benefits of hair oil – the key is avoiding the root area. “High-quality oil-based products add shine and lustre when applied to the mid-lengths and ends of hair, penetrating the cuticle to boost hair’s health,” reveals Josh Goldsworthy of Goldsworthy’s Salon. Sebastian Professional Dark Oil, £21.28, is formulated with a natural blend of argan, cedarwood and sandalwood oils to replenish hair from the inside out, leaving it twice as smooth for up to 48 hours.

6. THE MYTH: Towel-drying causes hair damage

THE TRUTH: “Rubbing vigorously with a towel is rough on hair, and can promote breakage,” comments Josh. “But if you use the towel to gently squeeze excess water from your hair and delicately pat dry, there’s no reason it should cause damage”. Once your hair is towel-dry, apply a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner and use a wide-tooth comb, Tangle Teaser or Wet Brush to work through knotted strands. Hair is most fragile and prone to breakage when wet, so begin combing through the ends and work your way upwards towards the roots inch by inch to avoid split ends.

7. THE MYTH: Colouring your hair causes damage


THE TRUTH: “Products today, both at home and in salon, are gentle enough not to weaken hair when used correctly. In fact, the extra conditioning properties in many modern colourants can make hair even shinier and more manageable than before,” says Josh.