Hair Extensions for Your Wedding: Everything You Need to Know

Are you thinking about getting hair extensions for your wedding? Content Writer Zoe Burke met with A-list hair stylist Stephanie Pollard to find out all about getting extensions for your big day and tried them out for herself.

I was noticeably nervous when I arrived at Stephanie Pollard’s Sydney Street salon. I’ve got very fine hair and I had the fear I’d end up looking a little ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ – but this was totally unfounded. Stephanie was wonderful and immediately put me at ease; her years of experience are apparent here.


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The salon had a gorgeous atmosphere and after a very thorough hair wash – your hair needs to be squeaky clean for the extensions to take properly – it was time to start.

Hairstylist Stephanie Pollard

Bearing in mind Stephanie had only seen a picture of me prior to me visiting the salon, she’d got a flawless colour and texture match for the extensions. They’re made from real hair and are attached to sections of your own hair making a small hair bond using keratin resin, which doesn’t harm your natural hair.

I couldn’t believe how quick the process was, and Stephanie finished it by expertly cutting into the extensions so they totally looked like part of my natural hairstyle and styling it.

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Stephanie Pollard’s Chelsea Salon

I had to hold my hands up and admit my Real Housewives fear was totally unfounded. My hair looked and felt thicker and healthier and for the first time ever, I could put it up in a ponytail and not have to wind the hairband around it four times. I have to say, if you want thicker hair for your wedding and honeymoon, this is the perfect option – it’ll allow you to be more creative with a wedding up do as well as you’ll have more hair to play with. They last for two months too and can be reused up to three times. Now I’m dreading the day they go and I have to go back to my boring, fine hair…I don’t think I can do it!

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Flat, fine hair on the left and full, thick hair on the right!

If you’re thinking about getting hair extensions for your wedding, we asked Stephanie’s team some questions to help you decide if they’re right for you.

What does the process involve?

Each client who steps through the door to the exclusive Stephanie Pollard salon will receive a full consultation with Stephanie, prior to the treatment where she will carefully listen to each client’s hair wishes.  Stephanie will then carry out an exact colour-match to the client’s hair factoring in texture to create a perfectly, natural match. Stephanie will then attach the small hair bonds to the client’s own hair with a special keratin resin that does not harm or damage the natural hair. Once the process has been completed, Stephanie will style the hair, which might include a trim, tonging to create the desired, finished look.

 Will they damage my hair?

Hair extensions should never damage your hair if they are applied by a professional and removed by a professional and the aftercare instructions are adhered to.

What kind of hair do they work best with?

Hair extensions work with all hair type but the method of application depends on the type of hair and on what look a client wants to achieve.

Can I still have an up do for my wedding with these extensions?

Yes, absolutely!  Hair extensions will help create a more glamorous, healthier look and will ensure that your wedding hairstyle lasts longer.

How long do they last?

Depending on the method of application, hair extensions will last between 10 and 12 weeks after which they need to be carefully removed by a professional with the help of a specially designed remover, available only to hairdressers dealing with extensions.

Will they be ok on my beach honeymoon?

Yes, hair extensions are perfect for honeymoons as they minimise the need for styling whilst on holiday. The extensions are very secure so a beach holiday is not a problem.

How should I look after them?

Extensions are easy to maintain, Stephanie gives a full list of aftercare instructions and recommends extensions-friendly products plus great styling tips to ensure you get the most out of your new hair! 

Can I style my hair as normal?

Extensions will be applied taking into account a client’s usual hair style so as well as being a great help for a special day they are certainly perfect for a client’s daily style.

Stephanie Pollard’s salon is at 7 Sydney Street, London. The tape extensions start from £350. For more information visit stephanie-pollard.com


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