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How to choose the perfect bridesmaid hairstyles

Your BFFs deserve to look their best on your big day; once you’ve chosen the gorgeous dresses they’re going to wear, it’s time to turn your attention to their hair.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have spent hours perusing Pinterest looking for the perfect way to style your own hair on your big day, but how much thought have you put into your bridesmaids’ hairstyles for your wedding?


Most likely they’ll be walking down the aisle ahead of you, setting the tone for the day, so its worth putting a lot of consideration into how their hair is going to look. We chatted to some hair experts about their advice for your bridesmaids’ hair; here’s what they had to say.

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Choose bridesmaid hairstyles to complement your bridal hairstyle

Just as your maids’ dresses complement your wedding dress, their hair needs to complement yours.

“Before even deciding the hairstyle of the bridesmaids, the bride should first decide her own hairstyle, and then choose a style for the bridesmaids that complements hers in a subtle way – do not overshadow it,” says hair stylist Darren Scott.

“They should always have different hair to the bride,” agrees hairdresser Errol Douglas. “The bride is the main focus and her bridesmaids should have something simple and beautiful.”

“Contrast the bridesmaids’ style with that of the bride, but keep the overall idea the same,” advises bridal hair specialist Anna Sorbie.

“If the bride is wearing her hair in a stunning oversized fishtail braid worn to one side, then the bridesmaids could wear their hair loose and down, with just one small plait braided in to one side,” she continues.

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Keep a theme in mind

A wedding hair theme needn’t be super strict, but it is a good idea to go for a similar vibe for all of your maids; after all, the group shots would look odd if some of them had a traditional, sleek do, while others were rocking undone boho inspired hair.

If all of your bridesmaids are wearing the exact same dress, differing hairstyles can look fabulous, as long as they are all along the same lines texture wise.

“If you’re really keen to coordinate all of your girls, why not go with matching hair accessories?” says Jessica Short, Senior Stylist and Colour Master at Live True London Battersea. “There are some beautiful jeweled hair slides, clips or Alice bands that each bridesmaid can wear to complete the look.”

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Consider the dresses

If you’ve gone for mismatched bridesmaids dresses it’s important that you choose a hairstyle for them that will suit a variety of dress designs.

What looks wonderful with a strapless wedding dress could look overpowering if paired with a boat neck dress.

“Considering your bridesmaids’ dress necklines shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing a hairstyle,” confirms Louisa Day, T3 hair expert.

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Remember everyone is unique

“It can be very tempting to give all the bridesmaids the same style, however maids are often different ages, with different face shapes, different types of hair and very different personal tastes,” says Annie Sorbie.

“The best way to approach this is to find a simple style that can be tweaked to suit each bridesmaid. Keep the style simple, so that it can be adapted. For example, if you were to choose a relaxed top-knot, you would then look at each bridesmaid and consider how the top knot can be adjusted slightly to make it suit their face shape and hair type.”

Dresses: Sorella Vita

Think about payment

“If you insist that your bridesmaids wear their hair a certain way, make sure you put aside a budget to pay for them to have it done professionally, to alleviate the stress of them doing it themselves and it not looking right,” suggests Sophie Bratton, Creative Stylist, S J Forbes.

Bridesmaid hairstyle suggestions

Jessica Short, Senior Stylist and Colour Master at Live True London Battersea gives her ideas on the best bridesmaid hair styles, depending on your wedding.

For a formal wedding: A sleek high bun with a crystal comb or slim alice band would be a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle. Shorter haired bridesmaids can slick back their hair and add the Alice band.

For a semi-formal wedding: A romantic French twist with loose curly tendrils framing the bridesmaid’s face can work well.


For a casual wedding: Try pinning back loose curls into a half up half down wedding hairstyle and weaving in some fresh or fabric flowers to match the bride’s bouquet.