Mane event – wedding hair style inspiration

How to do wedding day hair like a pro

Wedding hair style inspiration

There are a thousand and one things to organise once you’ve responded with an emphatic yes to a marriage proposal, but few of these are as fun as planning the ultimate wedding hair do for the big day.


With your own version of the paparazzi snapping your every move from the opening chord of the Wedding March until you drive off into the sunset, having a bad hair day is simply not an option. Whether you aspire to a traditional, modern, casual or off-the-wall interpretation of the blushing bride you should aim to look like you only the A-list version and not arrive at the altar virtually unrecognisable, thus freaking out your intended. Most salons offer extensive bridal hair services – for an entire wedding party if necessary.

Getting your hair in shape can be labour intensive particularly if you are the type that sees your dentist more often than you do your stylist. A growing spree should commence at least 12 months before your wedding day if you want your hair significantly longer. If you still need help hair extensions are an option – not just for length, for volume and colour too, but don’t try them for the first time on the day itself. American Dream’s QuickFix Clip temporary extensions, call 020 8998 7335, are a doddle to attach and remove – just don’t do the latter in front of your new husband as it could be a bit of a passion killer!

You will undoubtedly need to book your hairdresser for the big day well in advance as you may be competing with other brides for his/her services. Particularly in the wedding high season that is British Summer Time. You can discuss whether you will go to the salon on your wedding morning or whether your hairdresser will come to you and direct operations from there – this will cost extra of course but may prove a stress-busting investment.

Trial runs with the dress, veil or headdress, hair and make-up worn together are essential and best staged a couple of months before the wedding just in case they don’t mesh as envisaged and you need to rethink. Capture your hairstyle on camera from all angles to make sure it’s as photogenic as you anticipated. The shape of the neckline of your dress is key when considering your hairstyle. With strapless gowns almost anything goes as far as wearing hair up or down, as the issue of obscuring some detail of the dress with cascading curls doesn’t arise.

High necklines and halter-necks will work best with up-dos, bobs or short styles. Sleek chignons, pleats and ballerina buns all timeless, elegant ways to wear long hair without being too over the top and overpowering. Anything too contrived or cutting edge will date really quickly which is not ideal if your wedding day portraits are to be displayed prominently on various mantelpieces for years to come.

Whatever your chosen do, if you’re not wearing a veil the back of your head will be coming in for a lot of scrutiny from the congregation so introducing some interesting detail, pin curls, flowers or bejewelled slides could make it a real winner.

Don’t overlook hair colour. ‘A week before, touch up your highlights and remember to apply a semi-permanent gloss three to four days in advance for a dazzling natural looking shine, but don’t over-process your hair with chemicals,’ says bridal hair expert Anne Veck. If you’re marrying abroad or having a beach ceremony forget about having some highly technical style as it could be a recipe for disaster if you’re doing it yourself or meeting your hairdresser for the first time that day. Anne Veck has some useful advice, ‘Ask your hairdresser at home to create your style, photograph it and devise step by step instructions on how to achieve the look yourself. To find a great stylist at your wedding location, search the internet and having identified someone, try calling them and emailing photographs of the style you want.’


Over-elaborate can be inappropriate with an informal, naturalistic setting – from sunflowers to sunsets. Royston Blythe and Nick Malenko, alias the Dream Queens are wedding hair maestros and say, ‘The secret is to keep hair looking loose and modern – soft curls are always an option. Simply pin curls into the desired shape for a romantic look that will last all day.’