Meghan Markle’s wedding hair: our predictions

We think we know how Meghan Markle is going to wear her hair on her wedding day

This morning we were lucky enough to sit down with hair stylist Richard Ward, the man behind Kate Middleton’s wedding hair, to talk all things bridal, and it wasn’t long before the talk turned to how Meghan Markle will wear her hair on her wedding day.

Image courtesy of Getty

Richard pointed out that it’s rare we see Meghan rocking an updo, so chances are, she’ll go for a hair-down wedding style.

“I can see her with loose, 1950s style waves,” Richard said. “With her hair swept over to the side, this would be a truly elegant look.”

He did point out that she’d need several hair touch ups throughout the day with this style, to keep the curls in place, but as she has naturally curly hair, they should hold up all day.

“We did lots of touch ups and adjustments to Kate’s hair on her wedding day, including one just before her appearance on the balcony at Buckingham Palace,” Richard shares. “She had a second hairstyle for the latter part of the wedding too, which I’m sure Meghan will as well.”

“Her hairstyle all depends on whether she wears a tiara,” Richard added.


We spoke to Richard at the launch of Kerastase’s Resistance Extentioniste, a range especially formulated for those seeking long and healthy hair.