The prettiest wedding ponytail hairstyles

Ponytails aren't just for casual days; dress them up with bridal accessories or wear your hair super sleek and shiny for a special occasion feel. Ponytails are particularly perfect for brides wearing dresses with back detailing, as it means your stunning dress is the centre of attention. With your hair pulled out of the way, statement earrings are a must for adding extra glamour.

You may think your bridal hairstyle needs to be an intricate up-do, with lots of elegant detailing and expertly curled tendrils, but the most beautiful wedding hairstyle is one that makes you feel your best – like a chic wedding ponytail.


While spending hours on Pinterest researching the best wedding hairstyles is undeniably fun, the perfect bridal hairstyle for you might have been under your nose the whole time, in the form of the humble ponytail.

Wedding ponytails are a low maintenance, high glamour way to wear your hair on the big day; we’re not talking the quickly tied up way you wear your hair to the gym, but a glam take on the traditional style.

Going for a more laid-back wedding hairstyle means your wedding morning will be a relaxed occasion; you won’t have to wake up extra early to have it curled or blow-dried, leaving more time to dedicate to your make-up, or to simply chill and have a leisurely breakfast surrounded by your favourite people.

Dress up your wedding ponytail with glittering accessories, or add a ribbon for a feminine touch. If wearing flowers in your hair on your wedding day is something you’ve always dreamed of, a ponytail is the perfect way to do so with a floral hairband.

A high ponytail that sweeps your hair off your shoulders is the perfect way to show off intricate dress detailing around the neckline, or wear a side ponytail hairstyle for your wedding to show off one-shoulder wedding dresses.

Low wedding ponytails are a stylish way to wear your hair down for your wedding day, without the risk of it getting blown about, as would occur if you didn’t tie it back at all.

Create a boho vibe with your wedding ponytail by weaving braids into it for a hippy feel, or go classic by winding hair around the tie for a chic take on the traditional ponytail.

Wedding ponytail with a bow

Add a bow to a mid-height ponytail for an extra-special wedding day look. A ponytail worn at this position on your head in a beautiful way to show off a wedding dress with back detailing.

Sleek wedding ponytail

If you’re looking for a way to style really long hair for weddings, this is a classy option. Smooth long locks into an elegant mid-ponytail and wear with a backless wedding dress.

Low ponytail with an accessory

Great Gatsby inspired wedding dresses look wonderful complemented with tousled ponytails and a statement hair accessory.

Polished bridal ponytail

Wrap a strand of hair around your hair tie for a chic and polished wedding look.

Wedding ponytail with flowers

Flowers are a fab way to dress up ponytail – they add instant glamour to any look and are perfect for spring weddings.

Ponytail with a beehive

Jazz up your ponytail with a backcombed beehive and a crystal head band for a glamorous touch.

Sleek wedding ponytail

Leave the ends of your ponytail straight rather than curling them, for a sleek style.

Wedding hair inspiration: low ponytail

A trailing pink ribbon looks lovely added to a low ponytail. Wear with a strapless wedding gown to stop the ribbon competing with any shoulder detailing on the dress.

Low wedding ponytail

A low ponytail exudes class and elegance, especially when paired with a prettily embellished wedding dress like this.

Loose ponytail

A loose low ponytail is the perfect way to show off a dress with gorgeous back detailing.


With a dress this detailed, a ponytail is the only way to show it off to its full potential.