REVIEW: Blow dry with olaplex treatment at Blush & Blow, Fulham

Molly Coughlan heads to Blush & Blow in Fulham in the search of the perfect curly blow dry

We’ve all got different ideas for the perfect wedding day hair. From chic ponytails to pretty updos, locks adorned with florals or finished with a flowing veil – there’s plenty of options out there for finding the hair of your dreams. 


Personally, I’ve always dreamed about big, bouncy curls for my bridal look. My day-to-day style is quite casual, so for an occasion this special I couldn’t imagine not opting for a Hollywood style blow dry to indulge in a little bit of glamour so different to my everyday life. 

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The luxe interiors at Blush and Blow

Having experienced a delightful Murad Facial at Blush & Blow a few months ago, I was keen to go back and try out some of their other beauty treatments to see if they matched up. Having been highlighting my hair for a few years now, I regularly use Olaplex when visiting my regular hairdresser, to keep my hair healthy and glossy.


However, having not been for a routine trim for a while (eek!) my hair was certainly looking a little tired, with split ends and a halo of frizz becoming a normal part of my ‘look’. Could a treatment and a blow dry be the quick boost I’ve been looking for?

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One of the techniques used to tame my mane

After a thorough hair wash, the Olaplex treatment was massaged into my hair then I was led to the styling chair. My consultant was very patient, talking through different techniques the salon adopted to create the perfect curly blow. From loose tonged waves to classic bouncy curls created with a bristle brush, my stylist offered me plenty of options to choose from. I opted for something in between – with the bristle brush used to create volume and the tongs brought in at a later stage to give my hair a more ‘wavy’ than curly look.

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The results? Glossy locks with just the right amount of bounce, that framed my face in a soft and flattering way. Teaming the blow dry with an Olaplex treatment is definitely something I would indulge in again – in the space of an hour (and without the use of any toners/dyes) my hair was less brassy and more shiny.

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Better yet, it took three days (!) before my hair needed a wash or restyle, making it the perfect treatment for your wedding day (and the after party, and the first day of honeymoon…). It’s also a lovely pre-hen party treat to save you time when celebrating with your girl squad.

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Pickles The Dog – too cute!

Blow Dry with Olaplex, £75

For more information or to book an Olaplex blow dry, visit the website or call 0207 7360430

Blush + Blow,

197 New Kings Road,