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Review: Bridal hair extensions by The London Hair Lab

Want beautifully natural, voluminous or longer hair for your big day? Y&YW's Hollie heads to Vixen & Blush's Mayfair salon to test out The London Hair Lab's wedding-perfect tresses.

Ever since I first laid eyes on Kate Middleton’s thick flowing tresses circa 2002, I’ve always coveted a similar style. The only problem is, while I’ve got lots of hair, the longer it gets the thinner it gets, and thin, stringy hair isn’t exactly the Duchess-worthy look I’m after. I’ve never been brave enough to have extensions though, fearing that my actual hair would all fall out from the stress on the follicles and I’d be left with no hair at all! That was until I heard about The London Hair Lab, a prestigious salon-only extension brand from extension experts Vixen & Blush. The London Hair Lab fills a gap in the market for the highest quality hair extensions for respected hairdressers. I knew I’d be safe in the hands of the super professionals at Vixen & Blush, so took the plunge, and wow, I am certainly glad I did.


Vixen & Blush have two salons, one in Mayfair and one in Hoxton, and it was the Mayfair salon I made my way to after a day’s work for an early evening appointment. The extensions they use from The London Hair Lab are the highest quality of Russian Virgin Hair. The London Hair Lab only distributes hair to hair extension specialist salons who prefer to work with salon-exclusive brands, so they are only used by the most skilled and experienced stylists – so if you want the best (and what bride doesn’t?) then this is the brand to look out for. I was also really keen to make sure any hair extensions I had were ethically sourced, and I was very pleased to learn that this is a priority for The London Hair Lab too.

Amazingly, the salon didn’t ask to see my hair before the appointment. My amazing stylist Danielle, simply looked at my hair and felt the texture and then magically appeared with the perfect shade to match my current colour. We discussed the different methods and what would work best for me and decided on the micro ring method. You can also have hair micro-bonded, taped, weaved or clipped in. The micro ring method was best for my hair as I’d recently had it cut into a long bob, so it was on the shorter side of what is preferable for extensions. Also, the micro rings last the longest – up to three months – making them perfect for brides who want them to last for both the hen do and the big day.

My hair before the extensions

The process took around 2.5 hours, and that was with my extremely skilled stylist applying them at lightening speed. Her hands were so skilled – it looked like she was knitting! It was slightly uncomfortable as the process naturally pulls on the roots a bit, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Danielle started at the nape of my neck and worked round, occasionally softening and cutting my own hair to sit better with the extensions. This isn’t always necessary unless you have a sharp bob cut like I did. She finished by straightening them out and then curling my new long and super thick hair into the most glamorous curls. I was so impressed. You can’t tell where my hair ends and the extensions start and the colour matches to perfection. When friends and family first saw me after the appointment they couldn’t believe it wasn’t my hair! I’ve had so many compliments too, and finally feel like I’ve got locks to rival HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.

My hair after the extensions!

The only downside is the discomfort. The micro rings are quite sore to begin with and the first night’s sleep was uncomfortable with my skull pressing on the rings. This sensation passed after a few days, but initially I did have a bit of a headache! Caring for the extensions is  bit different to normal hair too. I can’t run my fingers through my hair, tempting as it is with these luxe locks, because my fingers connect with the rings and I can only brush my hair with a tangle teaser. I also now tend to wear my hair in a low pony when I want to tie it up as high ponies pull on the connections a bit. But… who wants to tie hair up when it looks so good down!

My incredible new hair thanks to The London Hair Lab

I’d definitely get these extensions again though, I’m an absolute convert and I’m sure I’m going to feel very lost without them when they are removed in a few months time!


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