The Permanent Blow Dry

Could a £200 blow dry from Daniel Hersheson solve your wedding hair worries?

Permanent blow dry

If you’re planning a wedding abroad, worried about your hair during your honeymoon, or the mother of the bride, could a permanent blow dry be the answer to your hair worries?


Y&YW Fashion Director Peta Hunt went along to Daniel Hersheson’s Conduit Street salon in London to find out.

Peta writes: I have hair that is a bit like a bad perm; when it’s good it’s brilliant, when it’s damp/raining/humid (that’s 85% of the time!) it’s flat and frizzy.

I have always been useless at blow drying my hair – my arms are too short and I don’t have enough of them. I usually give up half way through drying it.

I have heard a lot about this wonder permanent blow dry thing but never had much faith. Plus, I really didn’t want a flat head for 3 months if it didn’t work out.

After much persuading, off I trotted to Daniel Hersheson, they do a great blow dry there, and apparently I had just the right combo of dry/damaged and frizzy hair that this treatment was made for, hurrah! It prevents the hair from breaking and becoming too elastic.

I was washed, given the treatment, blow dried by two hairdressers and then straightened, told to keep out of the rain and not to wash my hair for 3 days. I had straight shiny hair that looked about 4 inches longer!

The next day, I trotted off to Milan for the Bridal Collections. It was raining, I wore a woolly hat on the plane, but as we were flying Ryan Air that looked quite normal plus kept me warm.

In Milan no one recognised me! When they did, they said how fab my hair looked. I was as pleased as a pleased person could be, and became quite showy-offy, flicking my hair about.

On the Sunday night, when I washed and dried my hair, it was a modern miracle, I could blow dry my hair in about 5 minutes, and it looked professional. Now that’s amazing!

I know that Gisele Bundchen is a fan of the treatment and no wonder. Each application lasts between 3 and 4 months. It does cost about £200 depending on the length of hair.

So if you are thinking of getting married abroad or even a MOB, it is really worth it. My hair looks really healthy, in good condition and not a hint of the bad perm, so if you want to rush off to humid climes, you can go, head held high and no longer need to fear the frizz.

PS anyone want to buy a woolly hat?


www.danielhersheson.com: Daniel Hersheson, 45 Conduit Street, London W1 Tel: 020 7434 1747