Wedding Hair Countdown

Take it from us - it's never too soon to start planning your wedding, especially when it comes to your hair

Wedding hair countdown

Make sure your hair looks it’s beautiful best on the big day by following our countdown and getting into good grooming habits now. A great cut and super condition are the ultimate wedding day accessories.


One year to go…

Always wash your hair with a shampoo formulated for your hair type and use a conditioner, particularly on the ends. Use an intensive conditioner once a week, wrapping hair in a warm towel for best results. Have your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks – even if you’re trying to grow it.

Six months to go…

There’s no reason why you can’t do your own hair on the wedding day, especially if it’s short, but we think it’s worth the price of a few appointments for some professional advice. Start thinking about the look you and your maids want on the big day. Don’t go for a radical restyle. Concentrate instead on perfecting your usual look.

Three months to go…

You should have your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses by now. Take along some pictures from magazines and discuss styling choices with your hairdresser. Keep up the good work with the conditioners. Try a temporary colour-enhancing vegetable dye for extra shine.

Six weeks to go…

Have a trial run at the hair salon and try out a few styles so you can see what you feel most comfortable with. Tell the stylist whether you will be wearing headdresses, tiaras or flowers in your hair so they can take this into consideration when they’re designing your style. Book the stylist for the wedding day and allow plenty of time for the unexpected. Make appointments for your bridesmaids too.

Two weeks to go…

If you colour your hair, have it done now so it has time to settle, but not enough time for roots to grow through. Have a trim to tidy up the shape of your hair. Have a trial run of your wedding styles with your headdresses.

The day before…

Wash your hair. Newly washed hair is harder to work with and style, especially if you will be wearing it up. Grips and pins will stay put better in hair that isn’t squeaky clean.

On the day…

Enjoy your final hair appointment. Make sure your chief bridesmaid has an emergency kit with a small can of hairspray and a few hair pins to keep your hair under control all day long.

Which headdress?

Alice band: Great if you have mid-length or long hair and are wearing it down.

Circlet: Very easy to wear and suits most hair styles.

Combs: Perfect for girls who don’t want to overdress their hair. Good for short styles and if you’re wearing a veil.

Crown: Instant princess style but not easy to keep on your head. Works best with updos.

Flowers: Fresh flowers look lovely, but will be looking a little tired by the reception. An oversize silk flower is a good way to dress up a simple style.


Tiara: Very now and suits any style, long or short. Gold tends to suit blondes, silver looks best on brunettes.